The Visionary Annette Rivers

Annette Rivers is the Founder and Visionary of the SURGE Centers of America, carrying forth a vision to bring the message of power, love and deliverance to the world. Annette stands by the acronym of SURGE, promoting and teaching a Supernatural Unveiled Revelation of God Experience through every SURGE Experience and service. This intentional focus allows the participants to benefit from SURGE because the “fluff” is removed and they are exposed to the heart of God. When that happens, miracles and true deliverance take place and that is what God has promised to happen with her faithful leadership.
Annette has extended the operational mandate of SURGE to include SURGE Group International Ministries (SGIM), a mentorship for ministries that are in pursuit for more. She has devoted her life to please God, and doing so, she is used to reach His souls and help align them with their destinies.