The Call

This is a call to all who will join me in prayer as I go before God for the many things that He has shown me that are about to take place on this earth. God has instructed me to gather His people together in one place with one mind heart and spirit in prayer to ward off the devices that the enemy has used to come against the people of God. God is calling together His warriors who have accepted the Kingdom Call. Our task is to fight for the many battles that are ahead which affect the people of God as well as all man kind. I know and believe through the knowledge of the Holy Ghost that it is the will of God to have prayer hubs in every city in this nation and around the world.
My assignment is to place as many prayer hubs throughout the United States. The scripture teaches us that one can put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand that all the prayer warriors that will go before God for His people saved or unsaved, will pray down walls that will result in a healing of the land. This battle is not ours but it is the Lords! Through Him we will conquer and have Victory in Christ Jesus! We are more than Conquerors!
His Chosen Vessel
Annette Rivers