Annette Rivers & Operation Heal believe that employment is a necessity for sustainability.  The conditions in which homeless people live can make it difficult to prepare for an interview.  As a homeless person, obtaining employment can be a challenging endeavor. Operation Heal provide employment assistance in the following areas:

  • Documents

Acquiring necessary documents to complete the I-9 form (state identification, social security card, and birth certificate).

  • First Impression

Every only get ONE chance to make a GOOD first impression, the initial introduction. A strong work history, no substance abuse issues and excellent interview skills could prohibit a successful interview without  professional attire.

  • Interview skills

The skills needed to survive in the harsh conditions faced by the homeless community can be so different from the skills needed to land a job that many homeless people need training in how to present themselves to their own best advantage at an interview. Individuals are prepared to address gaps of employments, their job skills they possess.

  • Job training skills

Through our job training and readiness programs, we offer specific vocation programs and basic computer skills.

  • Onsite Job fair

The Operation Heal job fair is to aide in reentry to the community as a productive citizen. Companies will host their booth.  Each booth will have application and an interview area.